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MetaLib Selected for Metasearch Infrastructure Project

CDL has completed an agreement with Ex Libris to purchase its MetaLib software for use in the Metasearch Infrastructure Project (The metasearch infrastructure project is no longer active.  See:

The process for selecting the software began in 2002 with a market survey conducted by Christy Hightower and Catherine Soehner at UCSC.  The CDL project team then focused on evaluating the most promising products through indepth discussions with vendors, interviews with customers, and assessment against a set of criteria which included functional specifications as well as specific features to support the goals of the project.  The ability to support consortial management of target resources as well as the flexibility to create many different metasearch “portals” were key considerations.

The Metasearch project team will be working with Ex Libris over the coming months to install version 3 of the MetaLib software.  It will be used first in support of a prototype version aimed at undergraduates for finding “a few good things” with consultation from UCSC and UCLA. UCLA will also participate in developing a version oriented to research use within a specific discipline.  Other versions will be used in support of the American West and NSDL grant projects (The metasearch infrastructure project is no longer active.  See:  For more information, contact Roy Tennant.