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Dekker Encyclopedias: Available for Trial February 17-March 31, 2004

By Julia Gelfand (UC Irvine), Resource Liaison

From February 17 through March 31, the UC libraries will trial the 12 encyclopedias currently published by Marcel Dekker for a potential Tier 2 acquisition on a title-by-title basis:

Encyclopedia of Agricultural, Food and Biological Engineering:

Encyclopedia of Biopharmaceutical Statistics:

Encyclopedia of Chromatography:

Encyclopedia of Clinical Pharmacy:

Encyclopedia of Library & Information Science:

Encyclopedia of Optical Engineering:

Encyclopedia of Pest Management:

Encyclopedia of Pharmaceutical Technology, 2nd ed.:

Encyclopedia of Public Administration & Public Policy:

Encyclopedia of Soil Science:

Encyclopedia of Surface & Colloid Chemistry:

Encyclopedia of Water Science:

In addition, there will be nine new encyclopedias released by the end of 2004:
Encyclopedia of Animal Science
Encyclopedia of Biomaterials & Biomedical Engineering
Encyclopedia of Chemical Processing
Encyclopedia of Corrosion Technology, 2nd ed.
Encyclopedia of Dietary Supplements
Encyclopedia of Medical Proteomics & Genomics
Encyclopedia of Nanoscience & Nanotechnology
Encyclopedia of Plant & Crop Science
Encyclopedia of Supramolecular Chemistry

This trial is to encourage all selectors and potential users to try the online versions of these products.  Please test the functionality of the interface, including printing, browsing, searching, using the index, and reviewing the overall content.

To access the titles, use the URL for each encyclopedia, then choose “Table of Contents by Alpha” from the left side of the page.  You have several navigation choices from the table of contents list, including “View HTML” and “View PDF.” Users can also get a complete list of the subscriptions your campus owns by choosing the customized link at the bottom of the homepage.

In early April I will query all campuses to determine what the preferences are for each title.  Decisions about each campus’ preferences and purchases will need to be submitted to me by Friday, April 30.  In order to determine the best pricing, all campuses will need to comply with this deadline.

Please share this information widely with your colleagues and publicize the trial as you think best on your campus.  If you have questions about the trial or specific content, contact Julia Gelfand, Dekker Resource Liaison at or (949) 824-4971.