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New Resources Available

NOTE: New resources listed below are not yet in the CDL Directory of Collections and Services; they will be added within the next 2 weeks. You can access them directly from the URL provided.

a. American Physiological Society (APS) Legacy Project now available (Jo Anne Boorkman, UCD)

CDL has completed licensing for the American Physiological Society (APS) Legacy Project that provides access to the backfiles of the Society’s journals, many of which are parts of the American Journal of Physiology, <>.  The titles include:

* AJP – Cell Physiology 1977+
* AJP – Endocrinology and Metabolism 1980+
* AJP – Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology 1980+
* AJP – Heart and Circulatory Physiology 1977+
* AJP – Lung, Cellular and Molecular Physiology 1989+
* AJP – Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology 1977+
* AJP – Renal Physiology 1977+
* Advances in Physiology Education 1989+
* Journal of Applied Physiology 1966+
* Journal of Neurophysiology 1966+
* Physiological Genomics 1999+
* Physiological Reviews 1966+
* News in Physiological Sciences (NIPS) 1986+

The PIDs for UC-eLinks are now in place; however, issue level information may not be available for the most recent year for access to full-text from the A&I databases.  In these cases the full-text will be available from the website listed above.  Catalog records for local campus use will be forthcoming from the Shared Cataloging unit.

This legacy content is being delivered in three stages between now and the end of 2004 when the earliest years will become available.  Journal issues published after the concluding dates of the legacy package now become available free 12 months after publication.  To obtain articles within the 12 months after original publication, a campus subscription to the title will still be required.  All UC campuses are included in this CDL-funded agreement that was negotiated by Karl Kocher and Jo Anne Boorkman at UC Davis on behalf of the UC Health and Life Sciences Selectors Group. Karl Kocher ( will serve as Resource Liaison.

b. Thieme Science Journals

Current access to four Thieme journals is now available for all campuses at Thieme Connect <>.  Thieme is an international scientific and medical publisher for physicians, scientists, technologists, students, and residents.

The UC Chemistry Librarians, under the leadership of Christina Keil (UC San Diego), have negotiated a second agreement with Thieme publishers.  In addition to the previously licensed journal archives of Synthesis and Synlett, all UC campuses now have access to the current volumes.  Current access to the journals Plant Biology and Planta Medica is also available.  Campuses have agreed to maintain their existing print subscriptions and the CDL has funded the online cost.

Syntheses & Synlett are core journals for organic chemistry that consistently rank in ISI’s top twenty high impact organic chemistry journals.  Planta Medica, the official publication of the Society for Medicinal Plant Research, focuses on the whole spectrum of medicinal plants and natural products.  Plant Biology is the International Journal of the German Botanical Society and of the Royal Botanical Society of the Netherlands

Planta Medica:
Plant Biology: