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CDL Web Site Redesigns

a. CDL Web Site and “Inside CDL” Sites Released

The CDL is very pleased to announce the release of two new revised web sites as of Friday, September 5, 2003. The first is the “brochure” CDL web site, located at  This site is aimed at those wishing to know more about the CDL itself, its programs, partners and services.  This is also the place for vendors to come to find out details of CDL technical requirements, metadata requirements, linking, etc.

The second site is Inside CDL and replaces CDL Libstaff.  The site is located at  Its audience is UC library staff, as well as users of CDL resources.  The web site is divided into ten sections.

Both sites provide links to one another.  From the brochure site, every page has a link to Inside CDL; from Inside CDL, a user must return to the home page to access the brochure site.

For password-protected documents, CDL has a new password.  You can obtain the password by going to < >
and entering your UC email address.  The password will be sent to you immediately via email.

The revision process of the sites was enormously enhanced by the results of two staff surveys.  Appreciation goes to those who participated in the surveys and informed the decisions made about the language, format, and arrangement of the sites.

The document “Suggestions for Linking into CDL Web-based Services” is located at <>.

Multiple redirects from the old to the new site were in place beginning at midnight Friday, September 5, and continuing for a substantial period of time.

Many thanks to the Redesign Team for its work in creating what we hope will be much improved and easier to navigate CDL websites.

We welcome your responses to the new sites via the Questions? Comments? link at the bottom of every page.

b. Where did the CDL Directory Go?

To access the CDL Directory from the home page <

With the redesign of the CDL web pages which de-emphasizes the Directory, the CDL is following through on its attempt to encourage campus libraries to present their more complete lists of campus library digital resources directly to end users, rather than to identify the CDL as an end location.

The CDL has undergone a conscious shift in service orientation.  We are now focusing on enhancing and enabling services such as the Melvyl catalog, Request, SFX (UC-eLinks), and preservation of digital content programs to libraries and librarians, rather than directly to end users.

The move to making the Directory less important as a destination for end users has been a gradual one that began with the journal article and index (A&I) database transition and continued with the Melvyl transition and release of the new CDL website.  The CDL continues to assess the internal process for tracking our electronic systems.  We will be revisiting the Directory after continuing to evaluate campus needs with their input, as part of this review.