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Melvyl Transition

a. Melvyl Retiring

This will be our last issue of CDLINFO before legacy Melvyl retires on August 1, 2003.  As of that date, Melvyl-T will become the union catalog of the University of California libraries.  If users go to the current URLs for legacy Melvyl, they will be redirected to the new URL.

The URL that should be used for bookmarking and linking is:; a shorter URL that re-directs to the longer one that can also be used is:

The benefit of using the longer URL is that it allows users to be taken directly to Melvyl rather than being re-directed and allows the browser back button to function correctly.

Telnet legacy Melvyl users will be sent to the new address for Melvyl: [telnet://]

The T will be removed from Melvyl-T, as it formally becomes the new union catalog. Welcome Melvyl-T, farewell, Melvyl!

b. CSL Records in Melvyl-T

The CDL now anticipates that California State Library (CSL) records will not be completely loaded into Melvyl-T until early 2004. We will notify Melvyl users when they are completely loaded.

In the interim period, a link to the CSL library catalog [] is available by clicking the Other Catalogs link at the top right corner of the Melvyl screen.

Please share this information with library staff and other users, particularly users of government documents and information.