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Ejournal Packages Migrate to New Platforms

With 2003, three major e-journal packages have migrated to different online platforms.  Technical staff in Oakland and the shared catalogers have been busy updating all links so users will be taken directly to the new sites.

Academic Press
The integration of Academic Press and Harcourt Health Sciences journals from the Academic IDEAL platform onto ScienceDirect is now complete.  The migration of the journals began May 25, 2002 and we had dual access through December 2002.  Effective January 2003, the IDEAL site is no longer hosting content.  From now until July 1, 2003, IDEAL links are automatically redirecting to ScienceDirect.  The URL for ScienceDirect is [].

Blackwell Publishing
In January 2002, Blackwell Academic Publishers, Blackwell Science and Munksgaard merged to form Blackwell Publishing.  The Blackwell Academic journals, primarily social science and humanities titles, remained on the Ingenta platform for the 2002 calendar year.  With 2003 the social sciences and humanities titles have migrated to the Synergy platform, joining the Blackwell Science and Munksgaard journals.

Journals on Synergy can be accessed using standard web browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator, version 4.0 and above.  For best results use version 5.0 or above.  The full text of articles can be viewed in HTML and printed in PDF (Portable Document Format).

The URL for Blackwell Synergy is .

Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Beginning with the 2003 subscription year, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins’ online journals are available to institutional customers solely through the Ovid platform.

LWW and Ovid, sister companies within Wolters Kluwer International Health and Science, sees the move as an opportunity to offer an expanded range of research capabilities.  Dual access to the LWW journals, both at LWW’s publisher site and HighWire platform, will continue through March 2003.  After March 31, full text access to the journals will be available solely through journals@Ovid.  Because Ovid is still in the process of loading the files, UC-eLinks will continue to offer Ovid and LWW links (which are only at the journal title level) through March.