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New Resources Available

a. Global Books in Print

Effective January 1, 2003, Global Books in Print has replaced Books in Print and all campuses have access. GBIP can be accessed at  Please note there is no longer access to BIP as a separate resource.

Books in Print has had a long relationship with the CDL. Originally licensed with OCLC FirstSearch, BIP was dropped, but later re-emerged as a Tier 2 (i.e., campus led) Agreement licensed directly with Bowker.  At the time BIP was licensed as a Tier 2, the international edition was discussed, but it was not yet available online.  With the assistance of resource liaison Jill Woolums (Berkeley) and agreement of all campuses, BIP has now been re-licensed as GBIP.

GBIP provides access to information on books published in English in foreign countries, especially England, Australia, New Zealand and other English-speaking countries.  Since so much is published in England alone, and in all academic subjects, GBIP greatly expands on BIP.

b. Nature Specialist Journals

With the recommendation of the CDL’s Joint Steering Committee (JSC) and agreement of all campuses, the CDL has added the Nature Specialist journals to the existing license agreement with the Nature Group.  The CDL currently licenses Nature Magazine plus fourteen Nature monthlies and Review journals.  The Nature Specialist journals add 27 additional titles, primarily medical.

For 2003, campuses are contributing the incremental cost for adding online access to their institutional print subscriptions (10%) and the CDL is contributing the balance.  JSC plans to develop a three-year “transition plan” that will include the campuses funding a larger portion of the electronic and a shared print archive.

The Nature Group journals may be accessed at  Christy Hightower (UCSC) [] is the CDL Resource Liaison.

List of Nature Specialist Journals:
Bone Marrow Transplant
British Dental Journal
British Journal of Cancer
British Journal of Pharmacology
Cancer Gene Therapy
Cell & Death Differentiation
European Journal of Clinical Nutrition
European Journal of Human Genetics
Evidenced-Based Dentistry
Gene Therapy
Genes & Immunity
International Journal of Obesity
International Journal of Impotence
International Journal of Exposure Analysis & Environmental
Journal of Human Hypertension
Journal of Perinatology
Molecular Psychiatry
Neuropsychopharmacology (New)
Oncogene & Oncogene Review
Prostate Cancer & Prostate Diseases
Spinal Cord
The Hematology Journal
The Pharmacogenomics Journal