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Library Staff News

a. Karen Cargille Retires

Karen Cargille, who will retire April 15, has been critical to the launching and growth of the CDL Shared Collections and will be sorely missed.  Under her leadership as department head, the UCSD Library Acquisitions Department assumed responsibility for CDL Acquisitions at CDL’s inception in 1998.  She recommended procedures and practices for an entirely new kind of dispersed and collaborative organization and she has guided many of CDL’s policies and practices, including the Checklist of Points to be Addressed in a CDL License Agreement and the Tier 2 procedures.  She brought an ideal background to this systemwide effort–from serials cataloger to science librarian to acquisitions experience and expertise, and an indefatigable commitment to the mission of building a shared digital collection.  For more than a year, she has been filling a large part of the CDL Director for Shared Collection’s position with a 50% appointment as Senior Associate.  The CDL wishes her the best in retirement.

b. Three full-time, Temporary Employees Joined the Melvyl-T Project

Barbara Shepard

Barbara Shepard is a consultant to the Melvyl-T project team, and her primary responsibilities will include assisting with the coding of the user interface, and helping to organize and post to the Web all of CDL’s Aleph documentation.

Before coming to CDL, Barbara’s professional experience included working for three years at America Online/Netscape, primarily as a software applications engineer.

Bob Read

Bob Read will be working on a variety of programming projects including job scheduling for the campus input files, log file maintenance and report and statistics generation. Bob has significant UNIX, Oracle, Java and Perl experience and we look forward to learning from him in many different areas of the MELVYL-T project.

Shawn McGovern

Shawn McGovern will be the primary programmer at CDL working on the development of the campus input programs.  He’ll be collaborating with the systems staff at Berkeley, who have already begun the program development in this area.  He will train CDL staff in Java programming and maintenance of the campus conversion programs.  Besides his Java programming skills he also has many years of experience with Oracle, UNIX and with mainframe systems and COBOL