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New Resources Available

a. Marcel Dekker Journals (Julia Gelfand, UCI)

A Tier II contract beginning in 2002 for fulltext content to all journals from Marcel Dekker [] is now in place for all campuses except UCLA who was unable to participate at this time.  The three-year license from 2002-2005 allows for universal access to all users for the entire journal list and supports remote access via proxy servers, allowances for ILL and will provide quarterly user statistics for each campus by title usage.

The list of 79 titles from Dekker spans the disciplines of medicine, the life sciences, physical sciences, and engineering/technology.  Specific subject content is found in: Agriculture, Biology, Chemistry, Dance, Earth and Geoscience, Engineering, Environment, Food Science & Technology, Library & Information Science, Management, Mathematics, Medicine, Pharmacy and Pharmacology, Physics, Public Administration, Statistics.

You can search the entire content of the Dekker collection by going to the publisher’s website at or go to the individual journal and review the table of contents of a specific issue.  At the individual journal website information includes a full citation, an introduction to the current journal editors, a description of the journal in a brief scope note, and a list of where the title is indexed and abstracted.

Shared cataloging will be forthcoming from the CDL. Currently, the 8 campuses maintain print subscriptions to many titles on the Dekker list and will have to coordinate any cancellations with Terry Vrable (CDL Acquisitions).  Dekker also wants the UC librarians to consider online access to their encyclopedias later this year.  A permanent Resource Liaison will be assigned to Dekker soon.  In the interim if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Julia Gelfand (

b. American Society of Agricultural Engineers Technical Library (Bob Heyer-Gray, UCD)

The entire UC system now has access to the American Society of Agricultural Engineers Technical Library at [].  Bob Heyer-Gray (UCD), with the assistance of Karl Kocher and Sandi Grant (both UCD), negotiated a system-wide license for this resource.
Full-text access presently includes the following publications:

  • ASAE Standards
  • ASAE Journals:
    • Applied Engineering in Agriculture, v.15(1) 1999-
    • Transactions of the ASAE, v.43(1) 2000-
    • Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health, v.5(1) 1999-
  • Annual Meeting Papers, 2001-
  • Conference proceedings

NOTE: UC Davis researched the possibility of systemwide access to this resource and funded the marginal cost to provide it.  The CDL applauds Bob Heyer-Gray and UC Davis for this exemplary instance of promoting and providing university-wide shared content.