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Usability Testing Workshops Held

Sixty UC Library staff, including campus Evaluation Liaisons, members of the Melvyl Education/Usability and Services Transition Teams, some SOPAG and Associate University Librarians for Public Service attended two Usability testing workshops hosted by the CDL at UC Berkeley on November 5 and UC Irvine on November 7.  The workshops were led by Jerilyn Veldof, User Education Coordinator, and an expert on usability testing, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.  Attendees at the workshop learned not only the theory of usability testing, but were able to actually practice what they learned by conducting tests with UC Berkeley and Irvine students.  Some attendees have reported that they have already put into practice what they learned at the workshops, and we also hope to use attendees’ skills for conducting usability testing on the new version of Melvyl.

Many people helped make the workshops a success:

From the CDL-Juanita Jones, Angela Rowen, Rosalie Lack and John Ober
At UC Berkeley-Brian Quigley, Patty Iannuzzi, Isabel Stirling, Willyce Kim, Victor Edmonds, Obie Greenberg, Alberto Sifuentes, and Victoria Williams.
At UC Irvine-Michelle Byerly, Rick Zwies , Susan Lessick, and Library Administration.