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New Resources Available

a. The American Civil War Letters & Diaries

The first release of the American Civil War Letters & Diaries is now available [ ].

In this first release, 460 authors and approximately 32,000 pages of letters, diaries and memoirs are available.   This resource includes the writings of politicians, generals, slaves, landowners, seamen, wives, and spies.  The letters and diaries give both the Northern and the Southern perspectives, as well as the views of foreign observers.  Detailed firsthand descriptions of historical characters and events, glimpses of daily life in the army, anecdotes about key events and personages, and accounts of sufferings at home, written for private consumption, provide an immediacy and a richness that are unmatched in public sources.

b. Oxford University Press

Full-text access for all campuses to the full collection of Oxford University Press online journals is now available.  The number of journals is expected to reach approximately 130 by the end of this year.  This package, in partnership with the previously announced access to the online journal collection from Blackwell Academic Publishers, represents another step in CDL’s efforts to add content of interest to faculty and students in the subject areas of Social Sciences and Humanities.  Under terms of the license, the print portion of campus subscriptions may be canceled, however the online portion will remain a 90% obligation.

c. Lippincott, Williams, and Wilkins

In the health sciences, full-text access to all journals available online from Lippincott, Williams, and Wilkins is now available. In addition to the 85 titles licensed by the CDL, the terms of the contract include trial access during 2001 to new titles that come online; the total is expected to increase to approximately 180.  Journals that come online after December 2001 will be separately negotiated.  This license provides for print at deep discount.

The list of journals is available at:

d. American Meteorological Society

Full-text access, including all back files, is now available for all ten journals published by the American Meteorological Society.  Pricing for this package is independent of campus print subscriptions.  The only requirement is that at least one print subscription must remain among the consortium members.  There is no print discount as part of this package.

The list of journals is available at: