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New Resource Liaisons Appointed

Below is a list of recent Resource Liaison appointees.  Resource Liaisons are responsible for researching, reviewing, and monitoring their assigned resource(s) in order to maintain quality service to users.  More information about the Resource Liaison program is available at:

Alan Michelson – Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals
Christine Bunting – Bibliography of the History of Art; Index to 19th Century Art Periodicals; SCIPIO
David Gilbert – New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians
David Rios – BioOne
Diane Childs – ERIC via CSA
Diane Fortner – American Institute of Physics
Harold Colson – Academic Universe
Jane Faulkner – Literature Online (LION)
Jenny Reiswig – MD Consult
Jill Woolums – Books in Print
Jim Church – Index to Current Urban Documents
Kathryn Wayne – Art Bibliographies Modern
Kay Collins – GPO Database; GPO Gate
Lise Snyder – Associations Unlimited
Martha Ramirez – RLIN Bibliographic Database
Mary Larsgaard – American Metrological Society
Michael Yonezawa – Project MUSE
Rita Costello – STAT-USA
Rob Melton – MLA Bibliography
Sherri Barnes – North American Women’s Letters and Diaries
Susan Moon – Art Abstracts & Art Index Retrospective