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New Resources Available

a. BioOne

All campuses plus the Lawrence Berkeley and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories now have access to the BioOne collection of journals. Currently forty high-impact bioscience research journals are available and additional publishers and journals will be added over time.  Many of the titles are published by small societies and non-commercial publishers, and until now, have been available only in printed form.  The highly cited, peer-reviewed journals are focused on the biological, ecological and environmental sciences.

The full list of journals is available at (

BioOne is one of the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition’s (SPARC) “Scientific Communities” partnerships.  SPARC (see is an alliance of research institutions, libraries and organizations that encourages competition in the scholarly communications market and facilitates the use of technology to bring top-quality, low-cost research to a greater audience.  The CDL’s eScholarship program also receives SPARC support.  In addition to providing high-quality research content, the UC subscription to BioOne–many of the UC campuses are also Charter Supporters–is an important statement of support for innovations in scholarly publishing and communication.  Additional information on BioOne is available at

b. JSTOR’s Arts & Science II Collection

All campuses now have access to JSTOR’s fourth archival collection of scholarly journals.  The Arts & Science II Collection is a multi-disciplinary collection of journals that complements those in the Arts & Sciences I Collection.  Arts & Science II includes additional titles in History, Economics, and Asian Studies, plus titles in new disciplines such as African, Latin American, Slavic, and Middle Eastern Studies.  Core titles in the Classics and Archaeology will also be offered.

Twenty-two titles are currently available and the Collection will contain at least 100 when completed at the end of 2002.  Lists of titles are available at <>.

The CDL paid the one-time Archive Capital Fees for all campuses.  Campuses will contribute the Annual Access Fees.  There are no access fees due during 2001, and they will be prorated at half for 2002.  Campuses will not pay the full fee until the Collection is complete in 2003.