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CDL Database Transitions

a. ERIC (Telnet) via Stanford No Longer Available

Stanford is in the process of restructuring its locally loaded databases.  As part of this process, Stanford staff decided to discontinue the local load of the ERIC database as of July 1, 2001.  The “USE ERIC” command in the telnet interface no longer connects the user to the Stanford system.

We apologize for the lack of advance notice for you and your patrons.  Unfortunately, CDL staff was only told about this change after the fact, on July 5, 2001.

During the evaluation phase of the A&I transition, the CSA version was recommended as the one to be supported by the CDL.  This version links to holdings and to E*subscribe for full text of the ERIC documents.

Access to ERIC via CSA

At the CDL-hosted databases homepage [] choose ERIC from the “More databases” pull-down menu.

Access to Other ERIC options:

From the CDL Directory of Collections and Services at: [].  Search the CDL Directory for “ERIC” to see the choices available.

b. GeoRef Available on CSA

Web access to GeoRef via CSA is now available.  As stated in the last CDLINFO issue (June 14, 2001, Vol.4, No.10, [″] , the Transition Steering Committee recommended Cambridge Scientific Abstracts CSA) as the vendor for GeoRef.

Access to GeoRef via CSA

–CDL-hosted databases homepage [] choose GeoRef [via Cambridge Scientific Abstracts] from the “More databases” pull-down menu.
–CDL Collections and Services web page (, and select “GeoRef (Cambridge Scientific Abstracts)” from the Other Databases pull-down menu; then press “go”, and select your campus location.

Access to the Stanford version of GeoRef ends August 1, 2001 in both the CDL hosted web (GeoRef@Stanford) and telnet (USE GeoRef) interfaces.

c. Melvyl Survey for Library Staff

Library staff uses the current Melvyl Cat and PE databases for a variety of cataloging, acquisitions, other technical services, interlibrary services, collection development, and public services functions that our users do not.  The CDL and campus staff members working on the new version of Melvyl do not want to overlook crucial behind-the-scenes functionalities for staff while building a catalog for the public.  In order to capture as many of the hidden uses of the current Melvyl Catalog as possible, we encourage staff, particularly technical services staff, to take the following survey.  Survey available at:

Please encourage as many of your colleagues as possible to take it, too.  The survey will be up through July 31, 2001.