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Melvyl and Database Transitions

a. Melvyl Public Information Page Available

A public web page containing general information is now available (updated URL 2011) []; feel free to publicize this as the most up-to-date source of information about the Melvyl Union Catalog Transition.  It will be updated regularly including for the announcement of a signed contract that is expected shortly.

b. CDL-Hosted Databases Transition Update

Test Accounts

Test accounts for possible vendor replacements for the CDL-hosted Databases are now available (updated URL 2011) to []. On the test accounts page are links to resources and access information such as passwords and special URLs.  In addition, there is a link to an online survey; we re using the survey as a tool for gathering feedback.  The survey contains specific questions regarding functionality and ease of use and an open-ended question for more general feedback.

All library staff are invited to test the databases.  However, due to licensing issues, the tests are not open to the general UC community.  For this reason, please do not include a link to the test page from your public web pages, but linking from library staff only pages would be helpful.

We do encourage library staff to get feedback from faculty and students through targeted efforts.  NOTE: The test accounts can be complex so faculty and students might need to be walked through the process, especially in the cases where there are complex URLs and passwords.

The A&I Transition Steering Committee (TSC) (members list available at is responsible for coordinating the library staff groups to ensure that staff are informed about the tests.

Campus Meetings and Communication

Transition Steering Committee (TSC) members have already begun coordinating meetings with library staff and faculty and graduate students.  In addition, CDL staff Laine Farley and Ellen Meltzer have visited, or have plans to visit UCB, UCD, UCI, UCLA, UCR, and UCSF.  The meetings have provided a forum for dissemination of information about the database transition process and to address concerns and gather feedback.  Excellent questions have surfaced at each of the meetings, and these will be folded into a staff FAQ, similar to the public FAQ [] but with more detailed and library-centric questions.  Watch this space for more information!

Another goal of the meetings is to provide library staff with information so that they can more effectively initiate discussions with their faculty and students about the upcoming transitions.  Along these lines, many campuses have begun announcing the transitions to their campus Academic Senates, to graduate students, to faculty in open sessions and in campus newsletters