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Melvyl and Database Transitions

a. CDL-Hosted Databases Transition Steering Committee Appointed

A Transition Steering Committee has been appointed as an advisory committee to the DL University Librarian as the first step in this critical undertaking of investigating alternatives for the provision of CDL-hosted abstracting and indexing (A&I) databases (see the December 6th issue of CDLINFO [] Vol.3, No.18.

Further background information including the charge for the Transition Steering Committee is available at: []

Committee Members are:
Peter Brueggeman (UCSD)
Andrea Duda (UCSB)
Min-Lin Fang (UCSF)
Cheryl Gomez (UCSC)
Gabriela Gray (UCLA)
Robert Heyer-Grey (UCD)
Patricia Iannuzzi (UCB)
John Ober (CDL)
Cathy Palmer (UCI)
John Tanno (UCR)
Laine Farley, ex officio (A&I Transition Project Manager)
CDL Sr. Associate for Education, Usability and Outreach, ex officio

The committee will be responsible for communication and education to the usercommunity during the process.  The committee has been charged to make a recommendation by July 2001 as to which external vendors to pursue for the eight locally loaded databases and any of the Z39.50 databases which need to transition to new vendors.  Implementation should be complete by July 2002 and parallel systems will be operated through December 2002 if necessary.