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New Resource Available

a. Alexander Street Press

Correction: North American Women’s Letters and Diaries and The American Civil War: Letters and Diaries will not be released until this spring. There will be a future CDLINFO item announcing their availability.

As recommended by the Joint Steering Committee on Shared Content and the US History/Women’s Studies Bibliographers, the CDL has purchased the two full-text databases–North American Women’s Letters and Diaries, Colonial-1950, and The American Civil War: Letters and Diaries–produced by Alexander Street Press.  Both resources are “one-time” purchases; the campuses will fund a modest annual access fee.

North American Women’s Letters and Diaries[] is the largest electronic collection of women’s diaries and correspondence ever assembled.  The collection includes more than 100,000 pages of published letters and diaries from Colonial times to 1950, plus 4,000 pages of previously unpublished manuscripts, in electronic format for the first time.  Drawn from more than 1,000 sources, including journal articles, pamphlets, newsletters, monographs, and conference proceedings, the writings represent all age groups and life stages, all ethnicities, all geographical regions, the famous and the unknown.  As described by the vendor, the diaries “provide a detailed record of what women wore, the conditions under which they worked, what they ate, what they read, and how they amused themselves. Students and scholars can see how frequently they attended church, how they viewed their connection to God, and how they prayed.  They can explore their relationships with lovers and family and friends.”

The American Civil War: Letters and Diaries [] knits together more than 100,000 pages of diaries, letters and 4,000 pages of previously unpublished manuscripts in facsimile form, memoirs that provide fast access to thousands of views on almost every aspect of the war.  The writings of politicians, generals, slaves, landowners, seamen, wives, and spies are included.  The letters and diaries give both the Northern and the Southern perspectives, as well as the views of foreign observers.  Detailed firsthand descriptions of historical characters and events, glimpses of daily life in the army, anecdotes about key events and personages, and accounts of sufferings at home, written for private consumption, provide an immediacy and a richness that are unmatched in public sources.

b. JSTOR Ecology & Botany Collection

The complete JSTOR Ecology & Botany Collection is now available.  It was licensed through continued co-investment by all campuses (except San Francisco) and the CDL.  It contains 29 titles and approximately 1 million pages of journal literature in the biological sciences.  The material included in this archive reaches back to the 19th century and covers approximately 1,500 journal years.

A complete list of the titles is available at [].  This page includes links to a detailed list of journals with title history information, handouts, shelf labels, and other support materials.

c. JSTOR General Science Collection Completed

The final release of titles in the JSTOR General Science Collection is now available.  Portions of this collection have been released throughout the year 2000.  With this final release, the collection is now complete by adding the earliest volumes of these titles, some of which reach as far back as 1665.

A special web page has been prepared with information about the release of this collection [].  This page includes links to a detailed list of the General Science Collection journals with title history information, handouts, shelf labels, and other support materials.

d. Poole’s Plus Tier 2 Agreement (Nancy Kushigian, UCD)

With UC Davis as the lead campus, Nancy Kushigian, in consultation with the US History/Women’s Studies and the UC Literature Bibliographers’ consortial groups, has completed a Tier 2 update negotiation with Paratext Corporation for access to Series III and IV of Poole’s Plus: The Digital Index of the Nineteenth Century and for continued access to Series I.

Six campuses are participating: Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles, San Diego and Santa Barbara.  Access began for all six campuses on November 1, 2000.

Poole’s Plus includes the following sources:

  • Series I: Poole’s Index to Periodical Literature (1802-1906), Stead’s Index to Periodicals (1890-1902), Cumulative index to selected periodicals (1896-1899).
  • Series III: New York Times Index (1863-1905); New York Daily Tribune Index (1875-1906)
  • Series IV: Harper’s Magazine Index (1876-1897); Library Journal Cumulative Index (1876-1897); Nineteenth Century Serials Masterfile.

The CDL Resource Liaison for Poole’s Plus is Michaelyn Burnette (UCB).

e. Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians 2nd edition (John Tanno, UCR)

John Tanno negotiated the license for the second edition of the Tier 2 resource New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians; it is now available online to all UC campuses (except San Francisco).  The first edition was published in 1980 and this completely revised and enlarged edition edited by Stanley Sadie and John Tyrell contains over 29,000 entries written by some 6,000 international contributors.  It includes over 20,000 biographies of composers, performers, and writers on music, and over 9,000 topical articles, covering styles, terms, and genres; instruments; classical, world, jazz, and popular music; as well a variety of other subjects.  Articles feature the latest scholarship on the topic with extensive bibliographies and cross references.

The online version will benefit from a quarterly review and update by a permanent in-house editorial and research team, making it the most comprehensive and up-to-date resource on music available.  Links are or will be provided to images, digital sound, and related Web sites.  The URL to this new, powerful electronic resource is [].

f. MagazinePlus

Sanae Isozumi (UCSD) negotiated the license for the Tier 2 resource, MagazinePlus [].  It is now available to Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles, San Diego and Santa Barbara.

MagazinePlus covers 8,500 Japanese, scholarly literature in various fields and general interest periodical titles, and provides bibliographical references to 4,850,000 articles from 1975 to the present.  It also includes bibliographic information for 6,000 reports and thesis in the areas of humanity and social science published in academic journals from 1945 to the present.

Note: Accessing MagazinePlus requires Japanese software. We recommend the use of the latest versions of Microsoft IE with Japanese Global IME (Japanese Global IME is available at [] or Netscape Communicator with additional front-end processors (FEP).

With UC San Diego as the lead campus, Alan Ritch (UCB) negotiated the licenses for Books in Print and Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory.

g. Books in Print

Books in Print [], a Tier 2 resource licensed by all campuses is now available.  It offers a comprehensive and authoritative bibliographic database with over 3.4 million titles; 165,000 records on publishers, distributors, wholesalers and book agents; information on award winners, bestsellers; and over 500,000 full-text reviews.

h. Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory

Tier 2 resource, Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory [] is now available to all campuses.  Ulrich’s is a bibliographic database that indexes 250,000 serials published worldwide.  It covers all subjects, and includes publications that are published regularly or irregularly and are circulated free of charge or by paid subscription.