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CDL Directory Release Phase II — Comments requested by DECEMBER 10, 1999

Several new functions have been added to the test site for the January, 2000 CDL Release at [].

a. Searchlight

On November 15, 1999, SearchLight opened in test mode.  Searchlight is a multi-resource search tool with which you can search across multiple resources at the same time, including the Melvyl Catalog, CDL-hosted Databases, campus-licensed databases, electronic journals (e.g., Elsevier, JSTOR), the CDL Directory, the Online Archive of California, reference tools (e.g., Encyclopedia Britannnica), and Infomine.  It was based on the successful Database Advisor developed by UCSD.

SearchLight comes in two flavors: Sciences and Engineering and Social Sciences & Humanities.  SearchLight for “Sciences and Engineering” will help you locate articles and other materials in the areas of science and engineering, biological and medical sciences, and the physical sciences. SearchLight for the “Social Sciences and Humanities” will help discovery of articles and other materials in the areas of arts and humanities, social sciences, history, area studies, interdisciplinary topics, and ethnic studies.

Campuses will be able to profile how SearchLight will appear to their users, including the resources and campus-licensed databases that will be searched.  Members of the SearchLight project team are working with the UC members of the Users Council to coordinate campus customization during the test period.


b. Georef Thesaurus
Please test the GeoRef thesaurus, now available in Subject and Power searches at []

Please send comments to

c. Links to UC Press Electronic Books

The full content of approximately 60 UC Press backlist books (made available via the SCAN project) has been linked from the Melvyl Catalog (additional links from WCAT, RCAT, and book reviews in CDL-hosted databases are under analysis).


Example search: Do an exact title search on “some trouble with cows