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RLIN Database in Production in the Web Interface

The Research Library Group’s RLIN Bibliographic Database is in production at:

The RLIN Bibliographic database retrieves citations for books, serials, archives, manuscripts, maps, music scores, sound recordings, films, photographs, posters, and computer files, in over 365 languages.  This union database contains over 30 million records, from incunabula to the present, in over 365 languages, and in all disciplines from a variety of libraries: research, academic, archives, museums, law, medical, music, art, theological, area studies collections, public, corporate, and historical societies.

To locate items in your search results at UC or other California libraries, search for periodical titles in the Melvyl PE database or for books in the Melvyl CAT database.  CDL has added library location information (the equivalent of D LOCATION in the Telnet version) for RLIN in both the short and long displays.

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