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CDL Request (also known as PIR) Begins Staff Testing

Beginning this week and continuing throughout the month, ILL staff and others at all campuses will begin testing “CDL Request,” known during development as patron initiated requesting (PIR).  The test period provides opportunities for library staff to test implementation prior to the planned release of phase I of the service, which is scheduled to coincide with the public release of the CDL Web in January.  PIR liaisons, listed below, will have details about the testing and materials that support the implementation of CDL Request.

PIR Liaisons
UCB – C. Rubens
UCD – G. Nichols
UCI – L. Weinberger/M. Tapper
UCLA – E. Adams
UCR – J. Moores
UCSB – G. Johnson
UCSC – D. Turner
UCSD – D. Kegel
UCSF – E. Amrine