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CDL Education Working Group Appointed

The CDL is pleased to announce the membership of its Education Working Group (EWG).  The Systemwide Operations and Planning Group, Heads of Public Services, and others groups helped CDL identify its need for a consultative structure to provide advice on education programs to affect change in scholarly communication and to enhance use of digital resources.

More specifically, the EWG is charged for one and a half years to provide advice on principles and goals that will guide 1) the education/instruction programs of the CDL, 2) initial strategies and programs to create an education component of the CDL, and 3) an ongoing education advisory structure for the CDL.  The EWG will draw upon systemwide public-services deliberations and campus-based instructional technology and instructional enhancement programs.

We appreciate the enthusiasm of the following individuals and the support of their institutions in working with us on important education issues and welcome them to the growing collaborative advisory structure of the CDL:

Susan Lessick, Assistant University Librarian for Research and Instructional Services, Irvine
Ellen Meltzer, Director, Teaching Library, Berkeley
John Ober (Chair), Assistant Director for Education and Communication, CDL
Ruth Sabean, Assistant Director, Office of Instructional Development, Los Angeles
Lucia Snowhill, Social Sciences Coordinator, Santa Barbara
Sandy Vella, Academic Personnel Coordinator, Davis