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Call for EIP Evaluation Assistance

The CDL has received a second year of LSTA funding for its CDL/Library of California Access to Environmental Information Project. The grant supports two goals.  The first is to evaluate the costs and benefits that have accrued from the cooperative venture’s first year (see CDLINFO vol1.no14) of providing information services to multi-type libraries.  The second goal is to identify desirable elements of a longer-term cooperative model.  During the first year of the project, a database was licensed for the thirty-three participants, a website of selected public domain material was developed (, and several UC collections of material were digitized.

Locke Morrisey, a librarian at the University of San Francisco (one of the Project participants), has agreed to serve as the Environmental Librarian in this second year.  Mike Berger of the CDL will continue as Design Coordinator.

An Evaluation Consultant is needed to work for the project at .3 FTE.  Project Manager Beverlee French is seeking someone with expertise in evaluation and cost analysis to undertake this very important aspect of the Project.  Please contact Beverlee French, Associate Director for Shared Collections and Services (; (510) 987-425) for more information, to express interest, or to recommend someone with this expertise.