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Call for Cycle 13 WEST Archiving Disclosures

The WEST project team recently sent out a call for WEST Archive Holders and Builders* to submit records of all materials archived for WEST to CDL via the file upload tool in AGUA. WEST asks that members include records for all materials archived for WEST in Cycle 13 and in earlier cycles to capture any cataloging updates or changes to your local records and ensure WEST’s records are aligned with local records.  

WEST asks that Archive Holders and Builders submit these records to AGUA by May 31, 2024.

Please provide records to OCLC separately on a schedule convenient for your library; it is strongly recommended that this is done around the same time. The WEST project team will provide files to CRL for inclusion in the Print Archives Preservation Registry (PAPR), so WEST archivers are asked not to send files separately to CRL.

Questions about the Cycle 13 Disclosure period and disclosure requirements should be directed to Dana Jemison (

*The detailed call for disclosures is distributed via email to WEST Archiver and Technical Contacts.