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SCP Monthly Update — December 2018

SCP has posted the distribution statistics report for the month of November. This monthly report shows net increase or decrease of titles from CDL licensed and selected open access collections. For serials distributions, SCP has been focusing on cataloging open access titles, nearing the finish line on cataloging the collection of State Public Historical Library (Russia) online journals (adding 109 titles), thanks again for the cooperation of Peter Fletcher’s and Kevin Balster’s student from UCLA. As a result, distributed Open Access journals (147 titles, includes 31 individual open access title requests). Other distribution also include: JSTOR journals (33 titles).

For monographs, our major record distributions were: ACM Digital Library online conference proceedings (87 titles), Cambridge online monographs (190 titles), Elsevier monographs (53 titles in 16 subsets), IEEE Xplore online conference proceedings (89 titles), JSTOR online monographs (410 titles), Open access monographs (58 titles, includes: JSTOR 16 titles, Luminos 28 titles, and OAPEN 9 titles), SPIE online monographs (650 titles, includes: conference proceedings 599 titles and eBooks 51 titles), and SpringerLink monographs (1,712 titles, includes a new subject subset: Intelligent technologies and robotics monographs 156 titles; also includes: Computer science 144 titles, Earth and environmental science 236 titles, Energy 58 titles, Engineering 417 titles, Medicine 129 titles, Political science and international studies 227 titles, Social sciences 160 titles, and titles in 12 other subsets).

A note on cataloging about 600 titles of SPIE conference proceedings: Becky Culbertson enlisted Donal O’Sullivan’s help in creating an OCLC  macro that helps supply commonly required codes and data elements to OCLC vendor records in addition to the manual enhancement of certain fields.  Eventually subject analysis will be done at a later date.  Kate loaded the records in batch to get records ready for distribution. This SPIE conference proceedings cataloging project is a snapshot on how SCP catalogers collaborate and get cataloging done in the least amount time possible while keeping on-going with their other regular duties. The macro Donal developed was also modified and adopted recently by Annie Ross for cataloging IEEE conference proceedings.

DDA Programs: SCP has sent the Airiti CDL DDA online monographs titles through OCLC DataSync processing.  These Airiti DDA records will appear with a 599 NEW in the Monday 12/3 monos file, and will contain OCLC numbers in the 001 field.  These are replacing the Airiti records containing the “p” vendor number in the 001 field, which are being sent as DELetes in the 12/3 file.  We will no longer need to post special files/loads for Airiti DDA records in the future.  DDA programs with number changed as of today: Airiti DDA (3,279 discovery records + 630 purchased titles), and JSTOR CDL DDA pilot (4,914 discovery records + 662 purchased titles). DDA Programs with no change: CNPeReading CDL DDA online monographs (4,300 discovery records + 34 purchased titles), CRC Press ENGnetBASE online monographs 407 purchased titles (2013 package (105 titles), 2014 package (64 titles), 2015 package (134 titles), and 2016 package (104 titles)), EBSCO Japanese DDA (466 purchased titles), and YBP/Ebrary online monographs via ProQuest (665 purchased titles).

Note on reporting SCP cataloging delay:  If any librarian and staff notice a particular title that seems to have been delayed in cataloging for more than three months, please report to CDL Helpline. SCP catalogers are very good at keeping track of the titles/collections they catalog; most packages are updated on a quarterly basis. However, a title could have been missed in listing on the vendor title list, SFX has not been activated, missing OCLC record, to name a few. It usually takes about two-three months for OCLC records become available or for SFX to become ready for activation when new titles are added to an existing collection. Longer than three months is a good cue that the title may not have appeared on a cataloger’s radar. Reporting via CDL Helpline will help resolve the issue.

Note on SCP web pages:  As part of CDL website migration, SCP web pages are in a soft freeze period; all updates are sent to CDL web team, so there will be some delay on keeping current with E-resource tracking page, record distribution statistics, etc.

Full-level records standards:  Some of the Shared Cataloging Program records you receive may be the result of a batch cataloging process.  They may not meet the standards for full-level records.

Holiday closure:  Due to UCSD holiday closure, SCP will post the last SCP files for the 2018 calendar year on Monday, December 17th.   Weekly file distribution will then resume on Monday, January 7, 2019.  We wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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