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CDL joins Royal Society Open Access Membership

CDL has recently signed on to the Royal Society Open Access Membership, an arrangement under which UC-affiliated authors (from any UC campus, UC Office of the President, or Lawrence Berkeley Lab) are entitled to a 25% discount off of Article Processing Charges (APCs) paid to Royal Society for open access publication during 2018.

Royal Society’s journal content includes several traditionally subscription journals, for which authors may choose to pay an APC to make their article Open Access, as well as two full Open Access journals, for which an APC is required for publication.  The discount applies to APCs paid for either type of journal, and there is no limit to the number of times this discount may be used throughout the year.

Authors wishing to publish Open Access and take advantage of this discount should submit their articles to Royal Society journals as normal.  During the post-acceptance process, the author should indicate that they wish to pay an APC for open access publication (this will be required for full Open Access journals).  Then, the author should identify themselves as an affiliate of a member institution to have the discount applied to their payment.

Note that authors are not required to pay for Open Access publication in Royal Society’s traditionally subscription journals, and the decision to publish OA will not have any impact on the editorial process.  Authors who do not wish to pay for OA publication may still follow the normal submission process.

Additional information on the Royal Society publishing discount is available on UC’s Office of Scholarly Communication website.