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Shared Cataloging Program (SCP) Monthly Update: May 2016

scp2For the month of April, our major serial record distributions include EBSCO journals (78 titles), JSTOR online journals (55 titles), Superstar Chinamaxx journals (52 titles), and Open Access journals (175 titles, including Gallica online journals, a new package of 10 titles, and DOAJ, 105 titles).

For monographs, the major record distributions include Naxos music library online audio (12,705 titles + Jazz subset of 2,194 titles), Blackwell-Synergy monographs (171 titles), IEEE Xplore online conference proceedings (150 titles), Knowledge Unlatched online monographs (45 titles), Open access monographs (64 titles), SpringerLink monographs (1,609 titles), Wiley online monographs (417 titles), YBP/Ebrary online monographs (87 titles), Superstar Chinamaxx monographs (73 titles).

For DDA programs, 644 titles available from the CRC Press ENGnetBASE online monographs DDA 2014 package (292 titles) and 2015- package (352 titles), 2008 titles from the EBSCO Japanese DDA, and 1,726 titles from the Airiti DDA. As of this date, we have recorded 168 purchases from the CRC Press ENGnetBASE for year 2013 (104 titles) & 2014 (64 titles), 102 from the EBSCO Japanese, and 194 from Airiti.

There are two special notes for your attention:

•      GMD: Starting in May 2, 2016, records in SCP file distributions will no longer have General Material Designation (GMDs, found in field 245 subfield $h, i.e. 245$h [electronic resource]). All electronic resource records distributed from now on should have 33X fields for content type, media type and carrier type.

•         Some of you may have read the DOAJ news on May 2, 2016 that DOAJ removed approximately 2860 journals for failure to submit a valid reapplication before the communicated deadline; a deadline which was extended twice to allow more time for reapplications.  SCP had cataloged approximately 2700 of these titles, primarily using BibPurls (example: This is important because the SFX target for those particular DOAJ titles will be removed later in May and this means that access through UC-eLinks will disappear on May 23rd unless SFX had also used another flavor of a “free access” target.  For now SCP will keep all this group of DOAJ titles with access in place.  We recognize that at least temporarily they are no longer in DOAJ. So we will remove the “DOAJ online journals” portion of the title hook from the local 793 title field: “Open access resource; selected by the UC Libraries. DOAJ online journals.”  These will be resent on to the campuses on May 23rd.  In the future, as the publishers fill out their re-applications and the titles start to reappear in DOAJ, we will update the local title fields and resend. Please report to the CDL Helpline if you run into a problem.