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New UC Libraries Advisory Structure Membership Finalized

Appointees announced
Following a selection process coordinated by SOPAG, the Council of University Librarians (CoUL) has finalized membership for the major groups in the new UC Libraries Advisory Structure. Thanks to all of those who were considered for these positions and thanks also to SOPAG and the UC Libraries Advisory Structure Implementation Team for all the work that went into the development of the new structure and formation of the groups.

By populating the new groups with individuals who possess a range of expertise, we hope to create dynamic teams that can bring a cross-functional approach to their work to meet their charges. The groups will begin meeting in July, and the members are as follows:
Coordinating Committee

  • SAG 1: TBD once groups are activated
  • SAG 2: TBD once groups are activated
  • SAG 3: TBD once groups are activated
  • CoUL: Ginny Steel (UCLA), University Librarian
  • CDL: Rosalie Lack, Manager, Web Archiving Service
  • Communications Manager: Marlo Young (UCSD), Communications & Outreach Specialist

Strategic Action Group 1: Scholarly Research & Communication

  • Berkeley: Jean McKenzie, Acting AUL for Collections
  • Davis: Beth Callahan, Head, Health & Life Sciences Libraries
  • Irvine: Carol Ann Hughes, AUL for Public Services
  • Los Angeles: Sharon Farb, AUL for Collection Management and Scholarly Communication
  • Merced: Susan Borda, Digital Curation Librarian
  • Riverside: Ann Frenkel, AUL for Research & Instructional Services
  • San Diego: David Minor, Director, Digital Preservation Initiatives; Interim Head, Research Data Curation Program
  • San Francisco: Anneliese Taylor, Assistant Director, Scholarly Communications and Collections
  • Santa Barbara: Sherri Barnes, Scholarly Communication Program Coordinator
  • Santa Cruz: Christy Caldwell, Science & Engineering Librarian
  • CDL: Trisha Cruse, Director, UC Curation Center
  • LAUC: Lisa Rowlison de Ortiz (UCB), Head, Catalog Department
  • Portfolio Manager: Lynne Cameron (CDL) Technical Lead, Discovery & Delivery

Strategic Action Group 2: Access, Discovery & Infrastructure

  • Berkeley: Erik Mitchell, AUL and Director of Digital Initiatives & Collaborative Services
  • Davis: Xiaoli Li, Head, Cataloging & Metadata Services
  • Irvine: Kristine Ferry, Head of Access Services
  • Los Angeles: Todd Grappone, Associate University Librarian for Digital Initiatives & Information Technology
  • Merced: Robin Milford, Head, Access Services
  • Riverside: Eric Milenkiewicz, Archivist
  • San Diego: Catherine Friedman, AUL for Academic Services
  • San Francisco: Michele Mizejewski, Web Initiatives Librarian
  • Santa Barbara: Gary Johnson, AUL Research & Scholar Services
  • Santa Cruz: Robin Chandler, Associate University Librarian, Collections and Library Information Systems
  • CDL: Patricia Martin, Director, Discovery & Delivery
  • LAUC: Sue Perry (UCSC), Head, Digital Initiatives
  • Portfolio Manager: Adrian Petrisor (UCI), Director of Information Technology

Strategic Action Group 3: Collection Building & Management

  • Berkeley: Beth Dupuis, AUL & Director, Doe/Moffitt Libraries, Interim Director, Subject Specialty Libraries
  • Davis: Myra Appel, Head, Humanities & Social Sciences & Government Information Department
  • Irvine: Vicki Grahame, Head, Cataloging Department
  • Los Angeles: Judy Consales, AUL for the Sciences; Director, Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library; Director, Pacific Southwest Regional Medical Library
  • Merced: Emily Lin, Head, Digital Assets
  • Riverside: Diane Bisom, AUL for Information Technology & Systems
  • San Diego: Martha Hruska, AUL for Collection Services
  • San Francisco: Polina Ilieva, UCSF Archivist
  • Santa Barbara: Janet Martorana, Head, Collection Development Department
  • Santa Cruz: Marcia Barrett, Head, Technical Services
  • CDL: Heather Christenson, Manager, Digital Content
  • LAUC: Angela Riggio (UCLA), Head, Scholarly Communication and Licensing
  • Portfolio Manager: Leslie Wolf (CDL), Project Manager, Discovery & Delivery
  • Ex-officio member from the SAG 3 Collection Licensing Subgroup: TBD

Collections Licensing Subgroup

  • Berkeley: Jean McKenzie, Acting AUL for Collections
  • Davis: Gail Yokote, AUL for Sciences & Technical Services
  • Irvine: John Renaud, AUL for Research Resources
  • Los Angeles: Susan Parker, Deputy University Librarian
  • Merced: Jim Dooley, Head, Collection Services
  • Riverside: Kuei Chiu, Head of Collection Services
  • San Diego: (Pending hire) Content Acquisitions & Resource Sharing Director
  • San Francisco: Julia Kochi, Director, Collections and User Services
  • Santa Barbara: Catherine Nelson, Head, Acquisition & Research Management Services
  • Santa Cruz: Kerry Scott, Head, Collection Development Department
  • CDL: Ivy Anderson, Director, Collection Development and Management

Common Knowledge Groups (CKGs) To Be Launched in Fall
The UC Libraries Advisory Structure Implementation Team has laid the foundation for the formation of the Common Knowledge Groups (CKGs). One CKG will start its activity at the same time as the new Advisory Structure, to provide support to the Portfolio Managers from Day One. The development of the other CKGs will be the first responsibility of the Coordinating Committee once it begins its work in July. We anticipate the groups can start their activity in early fall 2013.

Ongoing Work to be Continued
The Advisory Structure Implementation Team has worked with SOPAG to document all of the current ongoing work of the existing All Campus Groups (ACGs) and their subgroups, including Common Interest Groups (CIGs). In addition, the team has added all systemwide services to ensure that no work is lost. These projects will be passed on to the new groups as they begin their work.

For more detailed information about the new UC Libraries Advisory Structure, please check the website at