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HathiTrust November 2012 Update

By Heather Christenson, Project Manager, Mass Digitization

November was a busy month at HathiTrust.  HT prepared technical systems to offer access to out of print and brittle works at partner institutions; worked with several institutions on deposit of locally-digitized materials; received the first deposit of content from the University of Florida; and welcomed a new member to the User Experience Advisory Group.

Work continued on projects such as Zephir (HT’s bibliographic management system), mPach (a package of tools being developed to provide a modular platform to enable the publication of open-access journals in the HT repository), and updates to HathiTrust Web applications. There is also a story with a happy ending, apt for the holidays, about full-text search.

Additionally, note there is a special message this month regarding bibliographic corrections to HathiTrust records.