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DMPTool Service Update



By Perry Willett, Digital Preservation Services Manager

DMPTool Service Description

The Data Management Plan Tool (DMPTool) provides an easy to use interface that:

  • Helps users create ready-to-use data management plans for specific funding agencies
  • Meets funder requirements for data management plans
  • Provides step-by-step instructions and guidance on how to manage data
  • Provides information about resources and services available at your institution to help fulfill the data management requirements of your grant

DMPTool Service Manager

Perry Willett (, Trisha Cruse ( or Note that campus library contacts have been embedded in the DMPTool and campus users will be directed to a local library contact.

DMPTool Training Materials, Guides, FAQs and Webinars

Help Guide:  (

Shibboleth Login:  UC Davis configured their Shibboleth identity provider for the DMPTool in January. There are now 7 UC campuses using Shibboleth to log into the DMPTool:

  • UCB
  • UCD
  • UCI
  • UCLA
  • UCM
  • UCSD
  • UCSF

In addition, 12 other universities, including 1 CSU lab and 4 CSU campuses, configured their Shibboleth identity providers for the DMPTool in January, bringing the total to 32.

Presentations:  Carly Strasser and Perry Willett gave two webinars on data management, targeting UC researchers and scientists in January, on January 11th and 19th. Almost 200 people attended the webinars.

Recent Enhancements, News, and Activities

Support for the IMLS data management requirements was added in January, as well as a new video demo.

62 new users from UC campuses set up accounts in the DMPTool in January. There are a total of 290 UC users, and they created 58 data management plans in January. The greatest activity was at Santa Cruz, where their users created some 15 plans.

Overall, there were a total of 374 unique users in January, up over 60% from the previous month.  They created 300 data management plans, also up over 60%.

A  face-to-face meeting of the partner institutions in Berkeley was held in January. In addition to representatives from the original partners at CDL, UCLA, UCSD, Smithsonian Institution, and U of Illinois and U of Virginia, we included new partners from UCB, ICPSR, US Geologic Survey and Digital Library Federation.  We mapped out plans for the next phase of development, and ideas for governance and funding. We will produce a report from the meeting.

A  user survey, linked from the webpage received 70 responses; results below:

5)  Further comments. Summarizing the comments:

  • Thanks for providing the DMPTool
  • Improve the speed
  • Add blank templates (these exist, so we need to make them more obvious)
  • Formats mangled when exporting a plan
  • Make it easy for institutions to customize
  • More examples of DMPs
  • Allow multiple users to work on same DMP
  • Support for institutional requirements

Service Monitoring and Availability

Problems have been identified in adding the DMPTool to the CDL Systems Status page:

We will continue to work to get the DMPTool adding to this page. Meantime, we monitor the availability and performance of the DMPTool.