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HathiTrust Constitutional Convention; 3-year Review

A HathiTrust Constitutional Convention will be held in Washington, D.C. from October 8-10, 2011. The Constitutional Convention will consist of a series of sessions over 3 days, attended by delegates from each partner institution and consortium. The sessions will be geared specifically toward governance, administrative, and financial aspects of HathiTrust. In particular sessions, proposals submitted by partner institutions prior to the Convention will be considered and voted on. Time has been allocated to consider proposals in other areas as well. Each institution or consortium has been allocated a certain number of votes that it may cast toward the submitted proposals, based on a formula that considers the member’s financial contribution and contribution of digital content.  The University of California Libraries will be well represented at the convention.

Also on the page above  is a link to a 3-year review of HathiTrust that was conducted by Ithaka S+R with oversight from the HathiTrust Strategic Advisory Board (SAB).  Ed Van Gemert, Deputy Director of Libraries at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and SAB chair has written an introduction to the review on the same Webpage as above under the heading “3-Year Review”.

Questions or comments regarding the review can be directed to Ed Van Gemert at