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UC3 to host Curate Camp 2010!

UC3 will host a conference on curation micro-services on August 16-17 at UC Berkeley. Or rather, we’re hosting an “unconference.” Unconferences are meetings where the participants set the agenda and give presentations. The emphasis is on collaboration, discussion, interaction and participation. Our unconference, called Curate Camp, is co-hosted by the Penn State University Libraries’ Digital Library Technologies group and CDL’s UC3. Thanks to this support, 75 people from more than 30 organizations (libraries, computing centers, library consortia, companies, etc.) will attend the two-day unconference to discuss curation micro-services and how they’re being developed and implemented. Registration is currently full, but we’re hoping to host other events in the future. For more information on curation micro-services, see:

  • UC3 Curation wiki
  • Digital Curation Google Group (
  • Roy Tennant (OCLC) on curation micro-services (
  • Mike Giarlo (Penn State) on curation micro-services (