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Next Generation Melvyl – Changing of the Guard

By Laine Farley, CDL Executive Director

With the retirement of Terry Ryan (UCLA) from the Next Generation Melvyl Pilot Implementation Team, a slightly new governance structure is in place for moving the project forward.  Patricia Martin (CDL) will chair the Implementation Team and continues to also serve on the Executive Team.  Luc Declerck has been added as a member of the Executive Team, representing a strong voice for the campuses.

It will take 2 additional people on the Implementation Team to replace Terry’s notable contributions to this project.  Leslie Wolf (CDL) brings needed project management skills, and Adam Brin (CDL) contributes strong visionary and hands-on technical expertise.

Many thanks go to Terry for her remarkable deep and wide-ranging knowledge that has contributed to the success of the project thus far.  We wish her well in her retirement.