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New UC Libraries Web Site

A new web site featuring the collective challenges, strategies, plans, and systemwide operations of the UC libraries has been launched at  Hosted by the CDL and the Office of Systemwide Library Planning, the site was designed and structured under the guidance of the University Librarians and SOPAG.

The entire site was developed to facilitate the evolving partnership for mutual communication and exploration of library and scholarly communication issues between UC faculty, the Systemwide Library and Scholarly Information Advisory Committee (SLASIAC), the University Librarians, the office of Systemwide Library Planning and others, as requested by SLASIAC.  A section especially for faculty titled “Reshaping Scholarly Communication” currently highlights economic and other challenges to maintaining great UC library collections and encourages active exploration of new approaches to scholarly communication.

Additional sections summarize systemwide challenges and strategic plans, and the effect of the state and UC fiscal crisis on libraries.  Another aggregates information from SOPAG and the all-campus advisory groups, each of which will have a presence on the site.

Comments and feedback are welcome through the link at the bottom of each page on the site.