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Infrastructure Projects

Current Projects

Multiple AWS Accounts Continue development of AWS Organizations infrastructure and automation around multiple AWS accounts. 2020-2021
Splunk Upgrades Add data sources to Splunk and enhance monitoring for multiple AWS accounts. 2020-2021
Security Conduct a second security self-assessment. 2020-2021
New AWS Services Continued weekly study group to learn new AWS services: Lambda, CloudFormation, Organizations, Config and ECS. 2020-2021
Project Description Dates

Highlights of Past Projects

Project Description Dates
Amazon Linux 2 Complete migration to Amazon Linux 2. 2018-2020
Security Followed up on priorities from security self-assessment, including database, password, and web server security. 2017-2018
New AWS Services Continued weekly study group to learn AWS services, including CloudSearch, CloudFront, WAF, Organizations, API Gateway, ECS, Elastic Beanstalk. Participated in the preview of Neptune. 2017-2018
Splunk Implementation Completed in-house training, built Splunk server, implemented CDL reports and dashboards. 2017-2018
Cost Savings Implemented on-demand infrastructure. Reviewed/renewed RDS reserved instances. Reviewed performance metrics to right-size resources. 2016-2017
Security Conducted a security self-assessment. 2016-2017
Disaster Recovery Copied snapshots to alternate AWS region(s) and account(s). Completed disaster recovery planning. Conducted a disaster recovery test. 2016-2017
Log Consolidation Set requirements, evaluated, and implemented a cost effective, efficient third party application to replace current IAS log monitoring, analysis, and reporting for the CDL AWS environment. 2016-2017
New AWS Services Implemented new AWS services to support the next generation of CDL applications. 2016-2017
Infrastructure Upgrades Upgraded RDS database instances to MySQL 5.7. Upgraded infrastructure applications for automation and monitoring. 2016-2017
AWS Migration Learned AWS services, designed the CDL environment, migrated computing infrastructure to Amazon EC2, MySQL database infrastructure to Amazon RDS, using other AWS services as appropriate. 2015-2016
Decommission Physical Infrastructure Decommissioned physical infrastructure in the UCB and UCOP Data Centers on completion of AWS migration. 2015-2016
CloudWatch Metrics for Application Owners Provided CDL application owners a secure method to review performance metrics for their EC2 and RDS instances running in AWS. 2015-2016
Change Control for Production Environment With the AWS migration, CDL took on management of the production environment. Implement robust change control practices. 2015-2016
Redesign LDAP for High Availability Redesigned OpenLDAP infrastructure to take advantage of AWS services for high availability. Implemented a multi-master configuration, with instances in multiple availability zones behind internal load balancers. 2015-2016
Move to AWS Reserved Instances Reviewed potential cost savings for AWS reserved instances. Evaluated alternative models for development/stage instances. Purchased RDS reserved instances. 2015-2016
Evaluate CloudTrail Monitoring Tools Evaluated tools for monitoring and auditing the AWS environment. 2015-2016
Configure CDL Domains in Route 53 Consolidated domain name registrations. Migrated management of DNS to AWS Route 53. 2015-2016