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Infrastructure Projects

Current Projects

New AWS Services Continued weekly study group to learn new AWS services: Lambda, CloudFormation, Organizations, Config, ECS, etc. Ongoing
Amazon Linux 2023 Configure/test the new AMI(still in beta) to work in the CDL environment, as well as, develop new methods to quickly deploy EC2. 2022-2023
Exploring Monitoring/Alerting Tools IAS is exploring other tools to replace Nagios. 2022-2023
Data Inventory Audit all data and classify them. 2023-2024
Project Description Dates

Highlights of Past Projects

Project Description Dates
Footprints Migration Migrate IAS ticketing system from Footprints to Github. 2022-2023
RDS Upgrade: Mysql 5.7 to 8.x

MySQL 8 is EOL’d in October, 2023.  The plan is to upgrade MySQL 5.7 to 8.  Hopefully this can be done before year end.  IAS plans to change the current RDS instances to Graviton.  RDS reservation work is scheduled to be done in January, 2023. 

Note:  To change to Graviton processors requires MySQL 8.x.

Multiple AWS Accounts Continue development of AWS Organizations infrastructure and automation around multiple AWS accounts. 2020-2022
Splunk Upgrades Add data sources to Splunk and enhance monitoring for multiple AWS accounts. 2020-2022
Amazon Linux 2 Complete migration to Amazon Linux 2. 2018-2020
Security Followed up on priorities from security self-assessment, including database, password, and web server security. 2017-2018
New AWS Services Continued weekly study group to learn AWS services, including CloudSearch, CloudFront, WAF, Organizations, API Gateway, ECS, Elastic Beanstalk. Participated in the preview of Neptune. 2017-2018
Splunk Implementation Completed in-house training, built Splunk server, implemented CDL reports and dashboards. 2017-2018
Cost Savings Implemented on-demand infrastructure. Reviewed/renewed RDS reserved instances. Reviewed performance metrics to right-size resources. 2016-2017
Security Conducted a security self-assessment. 2016-2017
Disaster Recovery Copied snapshots to alternate AWS region(s) and account(s). Completed disaster recovery planning. Conducted a disaster recovery test. 2016-2017
Log Consolidation Set requirements, evaluated, and implemented a cost effective, efficient third party application to replace current IAS log monitoring, analysis, and reporting for the CDL AWS environment. 2016-2017
New AWS Services Implemented new AWS services to support the next generation of CDL applications. 2016-2017
Infrastructure Upgrades Upgraded RDS database instances to MySQL 5.7. Upgraded infrastructure applications for automation and monitoring. 2016-2017
AWS Migration Learned AWS services, designed the CDL environment, migrated computing infrastructure to Amazon EC2, MySQL database infrastructure to Amazon RDS, using other AWS services as appropriate. 2015-2016
Decommission Physical Infrastructure Decommissioned physical infrastructure in the UCB and UCOP Data Centers on completion of AWS migration. 2015-2016
CloudWatch Metrics for Application Owners Provided CDL application owners a secure method to review performance metrics for their EC2 and RDS instances running in AWS. 2015-2016
Change Control for Production Environment With the AWS migration, CDL took on management of the production environment. Implement robust change control practices. 2015-2016
Redesign LDAP for High Availability Redesigned OpenLDAP infrastructure to take advantage of AWS services for high availability. Implemented a multi-master configuration, with instances in multiple availability zones behind internal load balancers. 2015-2016
Move to AWS Reserved Instances Reviewed potential cost savings for AWS reserved instances. Evaluated alternative models for development/stage instances. Purchased RDS reserved instances. 2015-2016
Evaluate CloudTrail Monitoring Tools Evaluated tools for monitoring and auditing the AWS environment. 2015-2016
Configure CDL Domains in Route 53 Consolidated domain name registrations. Migrated management of DNS to AWS Route 53. 2015-2016