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Tier 2 License: Step by Step

Tier 2 acquisitions are those initiated and negotiated by campus subject selectors in which four or more UC campuses participate. Here is a quick overview. More detail is provided below.

1. Inquiry, Negotiation, and Start-up Stages

Sponsoring Campus Responsibilities

  • Survey interest among other campuses through Common Knowledge Groups (CKGs) and verify current holdings.
  • Notify Michael Walmsley, Assistant Director of Systemwide Licensing at the CDL that you are pursuing a Tier 2 negotiation. (important)
  • Negotiate with vendor on the following; consult with Michael Walmsley at CDL if needed.
  • o Key terms:
    • Content
    • Contract Term (time period, or effective date plus duration)
    • Access Conditions, e.g. unlimited simultaneous user perpetual access
    • Authentication, e.g. IP authentication
    • Fee, e.g. license fee (per year), ongoing fee, one-time fee
    • Price caps for multi-year contracts
    • Payment terms, e.g. a single invoice for annual subscription fee
    • APC discounts if applicable
    • MARC records for large collections of monographic titles?
    • Review CDL Standard License for other key terms, e.g. linking, ILL, usage statistics, training, etc. and incorporate as appropriate.
    • An option for including additional campuses in the future.
  • Work out a co-investment model among participating campuses.
  • Obtain approval of each participating campus SCLG member (critical). The SCLG member of the sponsoring campus should send a proposal to the SCLG Proposals listserv in order to facilitate the formal approval process.
  • Work on the license.
    • Use the CDL Standard License Agreement (CDL/internal version) as a guideline. Use the Standard License Agreement (public version) for vendor communication.
    • For Licensee, use “the Regents of the University of California for [campus and campus address]…” For example, “the Regents of the University of California for the University of California, Berkeley, a non-profit academic institution, with its principal offices at…”.
    • For licensing contact, use campus contact and address. For invoicing and technical contacts, use the CDL contacts as listed in the CDL model license.
    • For authorized sites, list all authorized sites and include “University of California, Office of the President” for administrative purposes.
    • Obtain authorized campus signatory.
  • Fill out the Tier 2 New Resource Form and send it to CDL Acquisitions. Contact Adriana Moran at UCSD for assistance.
  • Request CDL to send current IP addresses to vendor (via
  • Send URL for access and vendor technical contact information to CDL Support.
  • Prepare an announcement for CDLINFO; including content description and campus availability and send it to CDL Support.
  • Forward a counter-signed license to Adriana Moran at UCSD and Michael Walmsley, the Assistant Director of Systemwide Licensing at CDL.
  • Appoint an ongoing campus contact and notify CDL Support.

CDL Responsibilities:

CDL (Oakland):

  • Provide guidance on vendor negotiation and licensing terms as needed.
  • Maintain final copies of business terms and license agreements.
  • Provide IP Addresses directly to vendor and update as needed.
  • Add URL to CDL resource directory.
  • Add redacted license to the CDL license web site.
  • Provide technical support via CDL Helpline.

CDL Acquisitions Unit (San Diego)

  • Process invoices for payment.
  • Recharge campuses.
  • Create official order record on Innopac.
  • Maintain duplicate license agreements.

2. Maintaining a Tier 2: Annual Renewals (License in place)

Sponsoring Campus Responsibilities:

  • Renegotiate the pricing or license as needed.
  • Verify that the resource should be renewed.
  • Forward any changes to the renewal cost shares to Adriana Moran for CDL’s payment and recharge process.
  • For standard renewals, it is not necessary to obtain SCLG approvals from each participating campus unless there are significant changes in pricing, content, or business terms.

CDL Responsibilities

CDL (Oakland)

  • Maintain current IP addresses with vendors; update annually or as needed.
  • Resolve access problems via CDL Helpline [(510) 987-0555].
  • Maintain repository of business and license terms.

CDL Acquisitions Unit (San Diego)

  • Verify accuracy of invoice and approve for payment.
  • If renewal includes additional offers, request a review from sponsoring campus.
  • Process renewal invoices for payment.
  • Recharge campuses.
  • Record any changes in status (e.g., cancellation or addition of a campus).