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Assisted Tier 3 License

Assisted Tier 3 acquisitions are local campus purchases that are related to Tier 1 licenses signed by CDL. Campuses might be able to make local purchases based on an existing Tier 1 license, rather than signing original contracts. Those local purchases are covered under the same rights and restrictions as the contract terms of the Tier 1 license, and are handled through amendments called Assisted Tier 3. Here are the steps to follow.

Campus Responsibilities:

  • Check if there is a pre-negotiated discount for local purchases listed on this page.
  • Contact the sales representative directly for campus pricing and discounts since not all available local discounts or time-sensitive pricing promotions are listed. Contact Wendy Parfrey if you do not know who the current sales representative is.
  • Negotiate pricing, content, and other terms with the sales representative.
  • Ask the sales representative for a license addendum that will be attached to and reference the existing CDL Tier 1 license.
  • Verify the pricing, content and other contractual terms once you receive the draft addendum. Correct any errors.
  • Send the final, verified license addendum to Mihoko Hosoi. CDL will sign the addendum and obtain the countersigned version from the vendor for campus and CDL record.
  • Arrange for local invoicing and payment directly with the vendor, and campus-level cataloging and SFX activation.

CDL Responsibilities:

  • Sign the addendum once the campus selector or acquisition liaison has verified the accuracy of the license addendum.
  • Obtain a counter-signed license from the vendor.
  • Record the signed license addendum, save/store it in a secure location, create a redacted version, use OCR so that texts can be electronically searched, and post the redacted license on the CDL website.