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Global Financial Data (GFD) moves to a new platform

[…] repository where data are easily exported and analyzed. Researchers have access to accurate and complete financial information through the easy -to-use platform. In addition to the eight search engines currently available in GFD, the new platform makes four new search […]

MagazinePlus & WhoPlus database transition includes new database – BookPlus

[…] index database to Japanese periodical literature. “Indexes to journal and magazine articles from Japan published since the Meiji period (1868 -1912) and essays included in festschriften, conference papers, books, annuals, and research reports since 1945. Dates of coverage for major […]

New Resource: CDL purchases Cambridge University Press Journal Archive

With end -of-year funds, CDL purchased the Cambridge University Press (CUP) Journals Archive for systemwide access.  The CUP Journal Archive license, which incorporates previous campus purchases, includes access to the earlier online content of 412 journal titles. Available to All […]

SCP Program Updates: 20172019

[…] SCP added a new collection Gale. Archives of Sexuality & Gender online monographs (1,500 titles). Other major record distributions were: ACM conference proceedings (2 3 titles), Alexander Street Press. Classical music library online audio (746 titles), ASME Digital Collection monographs (42 titles, including: conference proceedings 24 titles, monographs 18 titles ), Cambridge online […]

ChadwyckHealey databases transition to ProQuest

[…] from their legacy Chadwyck-Healey interface to the ProQuest platform, throughout 2022.  As a result, these databases will be more disc overable as users will be able to cross-search content along with scholarly journals, news, historical documents and other relevant sources. […]

UC3 Dash Service Update: July 2014

[…] systemwide service we are developing in partnership with UC campus libraries. It will allow UC campuses to provide an easy -to-use solution for the effective curation of and access to campus research data. Dash is a centralized UC3-hosted service, with […]

New Resources Available via the CDL Directory

[…] Database Services, Inc., provides full-text access to global information on women.  Journals, newsletters, and research reports from non-profit groups, g overnment, and international agencies are easily accessed through CWI.  Information on women in over 190 countries is compiled in a […]