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JACS Title Lists

The Shared Print Project Team regularly analyzes UC campus and RLF print serials holdings to identify titles for the JACS program. Campuses are invited to ship all local holdings for journals on these title lists (through the current JACS year) to the designated RLF, which will remove duplicates, accession a single complete copy for long term retention, and disclose UC’s retention commitment in national union catalogs.


SILS Analytics Title Lists

Using the historical title lists (available below), the Project Team has created dynamic reports in SILS Analytics which allow users to see current local holdings for JACS titles. These reports were developed in consultation with the Campus Shared Print Coordinators and the Shared Print Operations Team; the CDL SILS Operations Center also provided critical assistance in building the reports.

Dynamic versions of each JACS title list can be found in Alma Analytics at

/Shared Folders/University of California 01UCS_NETWORK/Reports/Shared Print/JACS title lists

Title Lists and Collections Analysis Reports

2024-2025 Title List

2022-2024 Title Lists

2021-2022 Title Lists

2020-2021 Title Lists

2018-2019 Title Lists

2017-2018 Title Lists

2016-2017 Title Lists

2015-2016 Title Lists