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Journal Archiving Campaigns and Deduplication Service Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What processes does my library need to adhere to in order to participate in JACS?

For a list of RLF services and expectations for campuses, please read JACS: How to Participate.

Should my campus consider the entire JACS list or only the titles that include our identifier(s) in the “Archive Contributor” column?

A campus can consider the entire JACS list, not just the list with your identifiers in the “Archive Contributor” column. The collections analysis system we use is quite good but it may not pick up all holdings at all campuses. So, if your campus has holdings for any title on the current JACS list, you are welcome to ship those to the respective RLF.

Are JACS deposits charged to campus allocations?

Yes. The volumes that are accessioned into the RLF archive are charged against campus allocations. The volumes that are discarded are not charged to campus allocations.

How and when will my campus know how much of our allocation has been used?

The RLFs will provide quarterly reports to the campuses.

What reports will campuses get back from RLFs?

Campuses will get aggregate volume counts of volumes contributed, volumes accessioned into the shared archive, and volumes deaccessioned.

Will my campus know which specific volumes are deaccessioned?

The RLFs track a variety of statistics for shared print archiving, many of which will be used to assess the JACS and De-Duplication Services (see pages 11-12 of the Print Journal Archiving Campaign and De-Duplication Service Proposal). However, the RLFs are not providing campuses with item/title-level reports for holdings deaccessioned in the De-Duplication service. Aggregate volume counts will be reported to the campuses.

Are duplicates returned to campuses?

No, duplicates are not returned to campuses. Duplicate volumes will be discarded by RLF staff.

Will we know the digital preservation status of a title?

For the titles selected using the PAPR collections analysis system, we will be able to identify titles that are digitally preserved in Portico and CLOCKSS. We will not necessarily know about UC’s specific license terms for perpetual access.

Should campuses remove holdings from local campus catalogs when contributing volumes to a shared journal archive?

Yes, the UC Disclosure Policy for Shared Print Journals recommends that campuses remove holdings from the original symbol and if the entire run is provided, remove catalog entries and rely upon the discovery layer.

Who sends the Local Holdings Records (LHRs) for JACS consolidated backfiles to OCLC and PAPR?

The RLFs facilitate sending the LHRs for JACS titles to OCLC and PAPR.

Do campuses have to identify shipments as JACS contributions?


For shipments, should my campus separate the material designated for NRLF from the material designated for SRLF?

Yes, please separate the materials designated for each RLF and label each book truck for “JACS” and the appropriate RLF.

Do we need to separate material by size, like we do for other RLF shipments?

No. For JACS shipments, the RLFs encourage campuses to keep title runs in order and contiguous to the extent possible.

Should my campus ship our JACS deposits using book trucks or boxes?

Book trucks are preferred. Book trucks have been acquired to supplement the population of book trucks in the UC system. Please label all book trucks and boxes with “JACS” and the destination. See the JACS Shipping Information page for specific instructions for preparing your shipment.

Should my campus provide a printout of our bibliographic information for each title, or do we just pack and ship the material?

Generally, SRLF does not require bibliographic printouts. Each item/deposit needs to have 1) a campus stamp and 2) a call number or OCLC number to ascertain title identification (for titles in foreign languages such as CJK, etc.).

Generally, NRLF does not require bibliographic printouts but would prefer a print-out in the first volume of each title (per OCLC number) to quickly identify it. The print-out should have at least the call number, and if possible, both title and OCLC number.

Are we expected to use our own book trucks or the RLF book trucks? Will we get replacement trucks back the same day?

A campus can use local book trucks or RLF book trucks, whichever is easier. Forty book trucks have been acquired for JACS and are intended to supplement the systemwide population of trucks. Please coordinate with Tricor and the RLF to get replacement book trucks.

Who pays for JACS shipping?

CDL. Please note that book trucks and boxes need to be labelled “JACS” in order for the courier to charge CDL.

What is the access policy? Can users at any campus borrow volumes? How long will it take to get materials to my campus?

The Strategy Team is currently preparing an access policy for UC Libraries Shared Print. The policy will include access for UC campuses via scans and photocopies (preferred) and access to physical volumes for building use only. Turnaround time would follow existing RLF practices and timelines.