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Shared Print Coordinators

Primarily, Shared Print Coordinators support the implementation of the JACS program. The group also receives updates on other relevant UC shared print activities, such as WEST or HathiTrust, and may be requested to provide input on projects or questions taken up by the Shared Print Operations or Strategy Teams.

Coordinators are focused on the operational implementation of shared print activities on UC campuses and at the RLFs. Members are appointed locally by the campuses and RLFs. There is no limit for the number of coordinator representatives per campus or RLF. Every attempt is made to have at least one current representative from each campus receiving emails via the listserv, if not attending the meetings. Current JACS participants are strongly encouraged to attend meetings on a regular basis. Others may attend as topics arise to their interest. The Shared Print Operations and Collections Analyst from CDL is a permanent member and the main coordinator for this group. The Shared Print Manager from CDL also attends as needed.

JACS Campus Coordinators, forthcoming

Campus Contact Name Contact Information
UC Berkeley Mark Marrow
UC Davis Sarah J. Koller

Bob Heyer-Gray

UC Irvine Wanda Jazayeri
UC Los Angeles David Benitez
UC Merced N/A N/A
UC Riverside Kuei Chiu

Pam Sun

UC San Diego Dennis Kelliher
UC San Francisco Sarah McClung

Susan Boone

UC Santa Barbara Sam Gritt
UC Santa Cruz Elaine Wong