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Shared Print Programs and Initiatives

The UC Libraries participate in a number of systemwide, regional, and national shared print programs and initiatives. These collaborations allow the UC Libraries to strategically extend local resources by coordinating collective action at the network level.

Shared Print Program Program Description Program Type Retention Commitments Disclosed As* More Information
UCL Shared Print An umbrella program that covers all UC shared print participation UC Systemwide UCL Shared Print
Journal Archiving Campaign Service (JACS) The annual Journal Archiving Campaign and Deduplication Service (JACS) is a retrospective journal program under which the UC Libraries deposit print journal backfiles in a coordinated fashion each year to the Regional Library Facilities. UC Systemwide UCL Shared Print
JSTOR New JSTOR New (an evolution of JSTOR Legacy) emerged with the inclusion of JSTOR titles (NOT on the original JSTOR Legacy list) in JACS title lists. JSTOR New is an informal name that captures the subcollection of JSTOR titles, which are not subject to JSTOR Legacy’s access policies. UC Systemwide UCL Shared Print, JSTOR  
Monographic Series A prospective monograph project focused on monographic series in which each campus committed to maintain an agreed upon series through standing orders for a fixed number of years. UC Systemwide none  

Western Regional Storage Trust (WEST)

A retrospective journals program including over 60 academic and research libraries in the western region of the United States. Regional WEST
HathiTrust Shared Print Program A retrospective, monograph program administered by HathiTrust that aims to secure complementary print copies for titles in the HathiTrust Digital Library. National HathiTrust
Federal Documents Archive (FedDocArc) A retrospective, multiformat effort that aims to consolidate one copy of all UC-owned federal documents in the Regional Library Facilities for ongoing systemwide use while allowing for broad reclamation of space at the campuses. Systemwide, National Federal Documents Archive
Rosemont Shared Print Alliance** An alliance of retrospective, journal shared print programs that aims to maximize local efforts by national conversations and advocacy. National (federation) n/a
Partnership for Shared Book Collections A federation of primarily retrospective, monograph programs that does not directly govern shared print retentions, but seeks to facilitate alignment and collaboration across programs in North America. National (federation) n/a

With the except of the FedDocArc program, UC participation in these programs is overseen by the Shared Print Strategy Team (SPST).

* All materials committed for retention under these programs are also committed to retain for UCL Shared Print.

** Participation in the Rosemont Shared Print Alliance is through UC’s membership in WEST.

Detailed Shared Print Agreements and MOUs

See the Agreements and MOUs page for detailed information on each Shared Print Agreement and MOU that the UC Libraries have entered into (active and inactive).