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Where to Find our Books

UC’s digitized books and serials can be discovered and accessed through our partners’ online collections:

Note: numbers are approximations.

Collection Features HathiTrust Google Books Internet Archive Texts
Total Volumes 18 million 40 million 38 million
Reading Access 39% of volumes Public domain volumes,  snippets, and content permitted by publishers and rights holders 100% of volumes
UC Volumes 4.6 million UC volumes scanned by Google, Internet Archive, and UC campuses 4.3 million UC volumes scanned by Google 200K UC volumes
Content Types Books, serials Books, serials Books, serials, texts
Content Origin From over 60 (mostly U.S.) research libraries From Google’s Library Project and its Partner Program (for publishers and authors) From Internet Archive partners or uploaded by users
Highlights Great for historical and genealogical research.
Provides computational
research support for UC researchers via HTRC

Greatest breadth of content.

Snippet views in search results.

At least 20% of text available for reading in Publisher Project partner volumes.

Includes “digitize and lend volumes”. Has read-aloud feature.

Great for reuse of book images.

Download Access

Full view volumes only: UC affiliates may login
and download via PDF, EPUB, Text (.txt), Text (.zip), or Image (JPEG). Anyone may download
1 page at a time via PDF, .txt, or image (JPEG)  

Everyone may download public domain volumes.

Format: PDF, EPUB

Everyone may download full versions of all volumes.

Format: Many options available

Fun Feature HathiTrust Bookworm Google Books Ngram Viewer Book Image search on Flickr

Accessing UC’s Digitized Books

UC strives to provide as wide access to our digital collections as possible; however, access to UC’s digitized volumes is often restricted due to copyright law, both within and outside the United States.

Learn more about factors that can impact accessing and using UC’s digitized books.