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Digitization and the Market for Physical Works: Evidence from the Google Books Project (November 2023)

Librarians are Finding Thousands of Books No Longer Protected by Copyright Law: Up to 75 percent of books published before 1964 may now be in the public domain, according to researchers at the New York Public Library 02/09/23

Museums and herbarium books available online 03/07/23

Fair Use Week 2023: Looking Back at Google Books Eight Years Later 02/24/23 

University of California to Research Expanded Access to Digitized Books: Mellon Foundation Providing $1.1M in Support 01/10/23

How one digital book led to an important COVID-19 discovery 12/14/22

Why we are doubling down on digitizing books: Flexibility and ease of use for research, accessibility, emergency preparedness, and elevating diverse voices 11/29/22

The Data-Sitters’ HathiTrust Mistake 11/10/22

RUSA Update: Interview with Marie Concannon 08/17/22

Digitization, open access and the internet aid UCLA’s return of books looted by Nazis: Repatriation of Judaica texts serves as catalyst for UCLA Library-hosted symposium 05/12/22

What’s in the Hathi Trust? 02/03/22

A digital library worth checking out 12/14/21

Online ILR publications open up wealth of workplace wisdom 6/16/21

Creating data: a guided tour of the digital library 

How temporary access to a digital library helps students during pandemic 08/07/20

HathiTrust: A digital library revolution takes flight 05/13/20

Research Library Digitization Has Found Its Moment: Long-term Investments Pay Off and Provide Lessons for the Future 04/21/20

University libraries offer online “lending” of scanned in-copyright books 04/07/20

Rochford: Getting through the semester as history major 02/16/20

Commentary: Fire-ravaged Notre Dame Cathedral can be ‘saved’ another way: digitally 02/26/20

He was the father of anti-Semitic publishing in America 02/05/20

The HathiTrust Digital Library’s potential for musicology research 01/23/20

Increasing Access with Google Books 11/13/19

Rhetorics of Care and Madness: Nursing Mental Illness and Disability, 1880-1925 09/24/19

How Capitalism Changed American Literature, 07/17/2019

Digital Library Opens Avenues for Data Analysis in Academic Research 04/22/2019

Digitization and the Demand for Physical Works: Evidence from the Google Books Project 03/04/19

A Forgotten Botanist’s Stunning 19th-Century Manuscript Is Now Online 02/05/2019

University librarian recognized for achievements in library automation 02/06/2019

Copyright expiration releases works to the world 01/30/2019

For the First Time in More Than 20 Years, Copyrighted Works Will Enter the Public Domain 01/2019

It’s surprisingly easy to make government records public on Google Books 04/12/2018