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HathiTrust Services, Features, and Tools

Full View and Limited View volumes

There are two basic types of volumes in HathiTrust: Full view and limited view (or search-only) volumes. The content of full view volumes is available to everyone for reading access. Full view volumes are either in the public domain (such as books published in the U.S. before 1929), uncopyrightable (such as U.S. government documents), or the copyright owner has given HathiTrust permission to make them available for reading access.

Limited view volumes are available for full-text search but not for reading access. Volumes are limited for reading access when they are under copyright, presumed to be under copyright, or contain privacy concerns. Limited access volumes are included in HathiTrust for the purpose of search, discovery, and preservation.

Downloading Full View Volumes

Everyone may download HathiTrust full view volumes a single page at a time. Students, faculty, and staff affiliated with UC (or any HathiTrust partner institution) may download entire full view volumes if they log on to HathiTrust using their UC credentials. Full view volumes digitized locally by HathiTrust partners or by Internet Archive are an exception and may be downloaded in their entirety by everyone.

The majority of HathiTrust’s full view volumes were digitized by Google; Google digitized volumes in the public domain are available to everyone for full download on Google Books.

For HathiTrust volumes digitized by Google, HathiTrust now includes a direct link from the volume to its duplicate in Google Books. You will find this link on the left-hand side of the HathiTrust PageTurner (where you view a volume) under “Find at Google Books”.  

HathiTrust Collection Builder

HathiTrust’s collection builder feature allows users to create collections of volumes they discover while searching and browsing HathiTrust. Collections may be made public or private. All students, faculty, and staff affiliated with UC (or any HathiTrust partner institution) may logon to HathiTrust and create their own permanent collections. All users (regardless of HathiTrust affiliation) may create temporary collections which last until the browser window (used to create it) is closed. HathiTrust collections may be used to save books for future reference; search across selected volumes; share with others; or to download metadata for selected volumes.

For more information:

HathiTrust Mobile

Everyone may access the HathiTrust Digital Library on their mobile phone, tablet, or other mobile device. The HathiTrust website ( is responsive to varying screen resolutions and can detect browser size and readjust content accordingly. 

Embedding HathiTrust Books

All HathiTrust users may embed entire full view volumes into their webpage via a flip or scroll view. Click here to learn how.

HathiTrust Bookworm

The HathiTrust Bookworm allows for visual exploration of lexical trends in HathiTrust over time.

HathiTrust Quality Issues

Please help the effort to improve quality of HathiTrust by reporting any issues discovered in a digitized volume or its metadata via the “Feedback” link on the HathiTrust web site. Reported issues will be added to a list for review and possible correction. The reporting of quality issues will allow HathiTrust to alert future readers that a volume may have issues.

Learn more about HathiTrust’s commitment to quality: HathiTrust Quality

Help and Support

To get help or to report errors click the “feedback” link on the top or bottom bar of the HathiTrust website to reach the HathiTrust User Support Working Group.