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HathiTrust Membership and Infrastructure

HathiTrust Membership & Repository Size

The HathiTrust Digital Library and partnership has grown rapidly. Between 2008 and 2024, HathiTrust Digital Library grew to hold more than 18 million digital volumes and there are more than 180 partner libraries from the United States and around the world.

Everyone may read full view volumes on HathiTrust. For users in the United States, roughly 38% of the HathiTrust corpus is full view and available for reading. Due to differing copyright laws and restrictions outside of the United States, international users may access roughly 24% of the volumes for reading. The remaining volumes are restricted view due to copyright law or privacy considerations, but are available to everyone worldwide for full-text search.

HathiTrust Governance

HathiTrust is co-owned and co-managed by the partner libraries. It is governed by a Board of Governors who are appointed or elected from partner libraries, and the Executive Director. Mike Furlough became Executive Director of HathiTrust in 2014, following the founding Executive Director, John Wilkin.

Physical Locations of HathiTrust

The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, serves as the administrative home of the HathiTrust partnership and is where the core management and operations team is located. The repository and supporting infrastructure is also located at the University of Michigan with a complete mirror site at Indiana University’s Indianapolis campus. A third full copy of the repository is stored on tape in Ann Arbor.

Zephir, the HathiTrust Metadata Management System is managed by CDL in Oakland, California.

The HathiTrust Research Center, which provides support for text mining and digital humanities projects, is located on campus at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana and on campus at Indiana University in Bloomington.