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Shared Print in Place Policies

There are two policies and two standards of practice that govern shared print resources held in place in full-service libraries. They effectively extend the “persistence policy” to shared resources held at campuses. They also establish common expectations and foster transparency about the way shared resources are managed across the system of UC Libraries.

The Shared Print in Place Policy for Prospective Collections has been adopted. The other three are provisionally adopted by CDC and SOPAG. SOPAG has tasked several ACGs and NGTS groups to review specific aspects of those three (see Follow-up Actions for ACGs (2/14/2012).) Until such time as revisions are made, adopted and posted to this site, library staff should apply the following policies and standards as currently written.


Shared Print in Place Policy for Prospective Collections.

Adopted March 2012. This policy extends the RLF “Persistence Policy” to collections that are collaboratively identified, agreed upon and built at full-service libraries. It effectively establishes a “permanent” collection at campuses, similar to “permanent” collections held in the Regional Library Facilities. The policy applies to prospective acquisitions and interoperates with the Persistence Policy, when such holdings are moved to storage.

Common Access Policy for Shared Print in Place Collections.

Provisionally adopted by CDC and SOPAG 3/2012. This policy governs access to shared print collections by library users and other organizations. The policy addresses access, forms of delivery and liability for loss of shared print collections held in place.

Bibliographic Standards for Shared Print Monographs (02/02/2011).

Provisionally adopted by SOPAG 3/2012. This set of standards provides for disclosure in a local catalog. It does not provide for disclosure at the union catalog level, particularly OCLC. These standards should be implemented now for new shared monograph initiatives. Implementation now will facilitate future reclamation projects to a new standard. For new initiatives, please consult with SMCG to request a standard entry for the 793 $a and $p.

SOPAG has tasked NGTS and appropriate POTs working on cataloging practices and standards to revise the bibliographic standards for shared print monographs to mirror more closely the emerging standards for disclosure of shared print resources in OCLC. A future standard may include an upgrade to and the adoption of the OCLC Shared Print Disclosure guidelines or a version of them appropriate for monographs.

Standard Acquisition Practices for Shared Print Monographs.

This set of standards outlines the responsibilities of a managing campus for acquiring and processing Shared Print monographs, working with vendors and prioritizing processing in relation to other copies.

UC Libraries Shared Print Disclosure Standard for Journals

Adopted in 2015, these standards describe the requirements for disclosing shared print retention commitments in various local and national outlets. Please note that these standards are currently under review and will be updated to reflect recent changes to national disclosure standards.

SILS Harmonization Decision: Retention Reason for Shared Print

In addition to the above UC Libraries Disclosure Standards, the Shared Print Strategy Team endorsed a recommendation for systemwide harmonize use of the item-level retention functionality available in Alma in March of 2023 to support and facilitate preparation of annual shared print statistics. All campuses (including the RLFs) participating in shared print should apply the Committed to Retain flag to all existing and future shared print items, and, using the controlled vocabulary and program hierarchy defined in the decision document, record in the Retention Reason field which program the item should be counted toward for annual shared print statistics.