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UC’s Leadership at HathiTrust

UC plays a significant role in the leadership and development of HathiTrust. Representatives of the UC Libraries and CDL serve on the HathiTrust Board of Governors and the Program Steering Committee. Additionally, UC and CDL librarians and staff lead or participate in numerous working groups and committees. UC Library staff have also volunteered time to the Copyright Review Management System (CRMS) project.

HathiTrust Leadership UC Member
HathiTrust Board of Governors Günter Waibel (CDL)

Virginia Steel (UCLA)

Program Steering Committee Rice Majors (UCD)
HathiTrust Committees & Working Groups UC Member
Digital Collection Strategy Working Group Salwa Ismail (UCB)

Kathryn Stine (CDL)

Federal Documents Advisory Committee Jesse Silva (UCB)
Shared Print Advisory Committee Alison Wohlers (CDL)
Community Metadata Strategy Task Force Elizabeth Miraglia (UCSD)

Barbara Cormack (CDL

Metadata Sharing Policy Task Force Xiaoli Li (UCD)
User Engagement Task Force Renata Ewing (CDL)
Statement of Values and Code of Conduct Task Force (SVCC) Brian Quigley (UCB)
User Support Working Group Rebecca Culbertson (UCSD)

Elizabeth Miraglia (UCSD)

Lynda Tolly (UCLA)

Gillian Keleher (UCSC)

Frank Gravier (UCSC)

Copyright Review Program

Kip Hannan (UCLA)

Renata Ewing (CDL)

Shelby Bush (UCSC)

Caitlin McCarthy (UCSC)