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BIOSIS Previews on Ovid Retiring

As of 2006, ISI will be the sole source for UC subscriptions to the BIOSIS Previews database.  This database is available at < >.  The overlap period with Ovid for BIOSIS Previews ends on December 30, 2005.  BIOSIS is […]

New Resources Available

a. Education Index Retrospective By Diane Childs (UCLA), Resource Liaison Education Index Retrospective, with indexing for 1929 through 1983, has recently been purchased by the CDL. On WilsonWeb, it complements the current UC subscription to Education Full Text (with indexing 1983-; […]

Wiley: Newly Licensed Titles for 2008


As part of the 2008 renewal process for the Wiley InterScience online journals, 7 recommended titles have been added to the CDL's site license with Wiley.

Mass Digitization Projects Update


The UC Libraries are in the process of scanning millions of books from our print collections so that ultimately users will be able to discover and access these books in digital form.

CDL Staff at IFLA Conference


Margaret Low, software engineer in Digital Preservation, recently returned from the IFLA Annual Conference in Quebec where she presented a very well-received paper on the CDL preservation infrastructure.