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Daisy Nip Staff Profile

Daisy Nip

Program / Service

California Digital Library

Job Title

Systemwide Data Analyst




Daisy carries out data-driven assessment to advance planning and decision-making at the UC Libraries. As a member of the Systemwide Library Planning (SLP) team at CDL, Daisy is co-designing a data analytics and visualization service in partnership with team members and campus colleagues. One initial focus for Daisy is helping the UC Libraries report and analyze data stored in the Systemwide Integrated Library System (SILS), as well as a wide variety of additional public and proprietary data sources. This service will support the work of systemwide leadership and planning (e.g., the UC Council of University Librarians) across a broad range of topics and areas of shared interest; it will also support campus-specific understanding of systemwide data.


Post Graduate Program in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Purdue University

Post Graduate Program in Data Science, Purdue University

Master of Science in Health Informatics with minor in Health Services Administration, Drexel University

Master of Management in Library and Information Science, University of Southern California

Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration with minor in Medical Billing and Coding, Drexel University

Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts, East Los Angeles College


Daisy joined CDL with a background in enterprise-level data-related services, ranging from stewardship and customer relations to management and administration.

Daisy previously worked at  the County of Los Angeles Department of Health Services (DHS), where she developed and implemented a program for managing and retrieving core DHS data. Also at the DHS, Daisy worked in the Office of Managed Care and My Health LA Program, where she gathered data and carried out analyses for reporting and planning purposes, working in partnership with colleagues across the department.

Daisy grew up and still lives in Rosemead, California. In her spare time, Daisy enjoys playing the koto and guzheng, studying the Chinese and Japanese languages, challenging herself with advanced computer equipment, and spending time with her boyfriend. She enjoys traveling around the world and volunteering with library associations.

Professional Development

Certificate of Completion in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Bootcamp, California Institute of Technology

Completion of Supervisor Development Program, County of Los Angeles Department of Public Health

Certificate of Completion in Medical Transcription with completed courses in Medical Coding and Billing, Everett Community College

Certificate of Achievement in Data Analyst, SimpliLearn

Certified Data Scientist, ENTITY Academy

Professional Interests

Directorship, management, administration, research, and strategic planning and follow-ups

Technologies which improve one another’s qualities of life

Current Projects

Alma Annual Statistics Analytics Project Team

Advocating for documentations important to analytic and maintenance services

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