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Using UC-eLinks with EndNote

This feature allows you to find full text articles associated with your bibliographic records. When using Find Full Text for the first time you need to add the OpenURL path.

  • From the Edit menu in your Endnote library, choose Preferences.
  • Select the Find Full Text panel.
  • Select the OpenURL Path: box, type in
  • You can leave the Authenticate with: URL box blank if you are working on-campus. Click OK.
  • If you are working off-campus insert this url = [check with off-campus access support staff] in the Authenticate with: URL box.

To use, select required references, go to References > Find Full Text. If a PDF is found it will automatically be attached to the reference along with the PDF URL. You will find that the success rate when using this is function off-campus is much lower than on-campus.

This search can work in the background, so you could continue working in your library. Depending on the results, you may see one of the outcomes below:

End Notes screenshot